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Adlin Hue

9 Rock Crystal | One of a Kind Adlin Ring

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The dead stock stone that has been sleeping for many years is cut into a modern shape by craftsmen in Japan. Two bars on each side are decorated with pavé diamonds, and the claws are oxidized to give it a vintage look. Shaped into a wide band ring with reduced thickness. Recycled silver 925 is used for the bullion, leaving a soft luster on the matte finish.

Stone | Rock crystal
 It is like an ice stone. A talisman that sharpens your sensibility and dispels evil spirits.

 “Kakkomi Crystal” is a crystal rubbed with a unique technique that has been inherited only by Japanese craftsmen, that is now being lost. Put a chisel on the rough stone and beat it with a small sword to shape it before making facet. It takes in soft light and brings out the original beauty of the rough stone.

This ring is the one on the left in the 1st photo.

Stone size:28×15mm  Ring width:5.9mm


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